Winter is coming. All men must die. And Game of Thrones is back! Stay tuned each week as we unpack Sunday’s episodes through masterpieces.

“A wise man once said the true history of the world is a history of great conversations in elegant rooms.” 

Like little birds we flew across Westeros and Esteros, as old oaths were broken and new ones were made. A watch is ended for more than one, children of the north learn harsh lessons, a girl’s sight is returned, a young King and sparrow exchange words of wisdom, a three eyed-raven guards secrets of the past, roses and lions clash at court, a silver-haired queen returns to a kingdom ofhorses, two queens will face judgement (“Now that’s a fight I would love to see!”), a young family braves the open sea, a direwolf’s head is delivered with a prisoner, and little birds begin to fly in another direction. 

To make our Game of Thrones posts more international, we’ll feature an image from our Global Middle Ages exhibition and pick “wildcard” images from other collections around the world.

This week’s pick from The Getty’s Traversing the Globe exhibition comes from @lacma (an exquisite silver globe cup with armillary sphere). The wildcard images were selected from the Louvre (St. Francis and his little birds), and the Met (rough seas).

Dive deeper with featurettes connecting the making of medieval manuscripts to the making of fantasy TV.

The artwork they used as the basis of their set design. What’s your interpretation?

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