“…you don’t owe any explanation to anyone for your art. I do have to disagree with you on not saying “ get a grip, it’s only a movie”, because people do need to get a grip. I think it’s marvelous that your art stirs up emotions in people because it means you are tapping in, you’ve created something more than just Star Wars fodder. The honest truth is, and you know this, sometimes people see a lot of themselves in a painting. But perhaps what they see about themselves, is something they don’t want to see or confront. So, it’s easier to attack the creator and call them the problem. Do you know why art museums only have a synopsis of the art, at best? Because great art does not, and should not be explained. It should be taken in by the viewer, and the viewer should have their own experience with the art. I mean, would you want there to be a specific explanation of Starry Night, or a Jackson Pollock? I know you mean well wanting to comfort any uncomfortable fans out there… But perhaps they are uncomfortable because they SHOULD be uncomfortable. Right?…”  

~by R. Martinez

Because we were attacked, we have placed links for haters to fully voice their opinions: bit.ly/ThrawnStore1 and bit.ly/ysalamiri2

If you don’t buy a Ysalamiri, you can’t say anything here. We will be tracking all IPs and will publish all haters.

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