SWAG77 Opinion: Grand Admiral Thrawn Canonicity

The Grand Admiral Thrawn (http://bit.ly/ThrawnStarWars) read in current Star Wars literature differs from that seen on the screen in production.

Does this bother SWAG77?

As long as the productions keep the integrity of the Thrawn character as outlined in our campaign (source).

Thrawn has a cerulean skin color complexion with red-in-red eyes – he is a Chiss.

Thrawn is very intelligent. He is very precise in mannerisms and demeanor, authority, because he is a high ranking officer. He is a tactician and strategist and he loves fine art and we added classical music.

Thrawn is a slight megalomaniac with tiny bits of psychosis and explains why the Chiss expelled him from the Chiss Ascendancy. His “ticks” comes out in his speech slightly or changes in his thought patterns. Most Imperials dismiss it. Force users get frustrated by it.

Think of Emperor Palpatine’s smirk from a comment Thrawn makes innocently. Darth Vader is confounded but switches quickly to another issue, and Grand Moff Tarkin puts his hand to his lips with slight amusement as he remembers Carillion Point on Eriadu (in Tarkin).


A quick fanfic drabble:

Emperor Palpatine: Maul has become a nuisance and we cannot have him lurking around with these Rebels.

Darth Vader: I have not sensed him, my Master.

Palpatine: A failure on your part, Lord Vader.

Grand Moff Tarkin: If I may, perhaps we could dispatch a strike team and capture him, my Lords?

Palpatine and Vader glare slightly not realizing that other Imperials are present.

Grand Admiral Thrawn: From one alien to another, the Zabrak called Maul has mannerisms easily distinguishable to us, and he slurs his speech in his “R’s”, which indicates that he is in pain from his prostheses and incontinence. We should freed him a very healthy diet by increasing his fiber content until flatulence. Then in a vat of his own internal acids will solve our problem, quickly.

Expected reactions of Palpatine, Darth Vader and Tarkin.

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