You all know, that the #Thrawn you read in the #StarWars novels will differ from the one seen on the screen in #StarWarsRebels, right?

Does this bother us?

As long as they keep the main integrity of his character as outlined in our campaign (source), then we do not care. 

In short, he’s blue with red-in-red eyes – a Chiss (which they might not be able to say for legal reasons).

He’s very smart, precise in him mannerisms and demeanor, authoritative like a high ranking officer, a tactician and strategist and he loves fine art and classical music.

He’s a megalomaniac with some psychosis. It will come out in his speech ever so slightly and most Imperials would not think much of it. Think Emperor Palpatine smirking at the comment and Darth Vader like a “whoa look” and Tarkin putting his hand to his lips in slight amusement remembering Carillion Point on Eriadu (in Tarkin).

Here’s a visual to help you:

Emperor Palpatine: Maul is a nuisance and we cannot have him lurking with the Rebels.

Darth Vader: I never sensed him, my Master.

Palps: A failure on your part.

Tarkin: If I may, we could dispatch a strike team to capture him, my Lords?

Palps and Vader glare slightly not realizing the Imperials were present.

Thrawn: From one alien to another, the Zabrak called Maul has flaky mannerisms and slurred speech indicating he is in great pain from his prosthetics  and is incontinent. I suggest we feed him, melirunoons until his has flatulence, then kill him in a vat of his own acids…

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