How Sabine destroys Thrawn the Art Critic…


Sabine: I got… a gift for you!

Thrawn: Nice try, rebel, but… is that… a painting… of Mandalorians standing in front of a sunset?

Sabine: Yup.

Thrawn: But the color hues, they don’t go together. You drew a violet sky. But the sky on Mandalore isn’t violet. Also, why is the sun blue?

Sabine: You like it?

Thrawn: You also drew… Mandalorians holding hands together in peace. It makes the painting too sentimental. It’s not serious. It’s got no redeeming taste to it… it’s just… bad art.

Sabine: You like the shade of yellow right there on the sixth Mandalorian to the left?

Thrawn: It’s such an unappealing colour, why would… *Sniff, sniff.*

And thus Grand Admiral Thrawn became too depressed to fight another day…

Art is never bad. One can always learn something from it. Especially when someone needs to LEVEL UP –

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