How deep do you want to dive into Mitth’raw’nuruodo?

That he is a long lost son of the Equatorial Chiss who were the politicians, artists and religious sect destroyed by a Kali Destroyer Droid from the Northern polar regions? Over time, the Chiss Reproductive Health Scientists attempted to clone out the violent genes of his people, but the problem is beliefs are not inherited through DNA transfer, but are epigenetic which are stochastic with the right environments in place to reactivate them, only through meditations and prayers, passed down by griot as early as 3 years of age. Chiss age differently from humans. Thrawn and his brother, Thrass, were orphans found at the age of 3 and re-integrated in the Chiss Houses, Nuruodo.

By then, they knew their ancestral history to practice it secretively and exact their abilities and powers, one called synesthesia. It worked for Thrawn. It did not work for Thrass.

We are partially appropriating Southeast Asian Indian Hindi culture. Thrawn’s basis is from Shivaya and his mantra is the Om Namah Shivaya. The blue skin color is a reflection of the Hindi god pantheon and the blue water and sky. His red-in-red eyes indicate the fire and blood to keep the people living. We are giving a legendary status to it. 

Rebels and some Imperials beaten by the advanced thought techniques of a powerful Hindi-based god… Wow! That’s awesome.

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