BTS of Thrawn and Chiss. Support before appropriating. Fair is fair. Listen to those who practice and know better.

Worship of the intellect was so as to ensure that thoughts, speech, actions, habits and ultimately one’s character becomes pure. A strong intellect can help one to make noble decisions in life, be able to stand up to challenges in life with courage, and recognise and welcome good thoughts in life. The belief was that on this a strong individual, a strong family and strong society can be formed. Red represents honor, love and prosperity, hence it was worn to symbolise these aspects.


Chiss are known to worship high intellect in different affairs. How they did it, is unknown. The fact that most genius intellects are coming from Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, it is compelling that a character is created like this from 1991 for Star Wars and little has been promulgated about the entire modern culture except  pockets of fans. Even the Chiss language, Cheuhn has been built with the Sanskrit in mind. And why this is very fictional and does not transcend to any real life applications, it would be best for the very cultures it is based from had a say and involved in it actively.

Besides the understanding is plainly beautiful of powerhouse people of color.

If anything, this blog is kindly requesting assistance from any interested party.

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