Another look at Star Wars Rebels’ Thrawn in new clip



Entertainment Weekly has a new clip featuring Grand Admiral Thrawn from an upcoming episode of Rebels, plus an interview with Dave Filoni about bringing him into the show, and the appeal of the character:

He really stuck out because he was through and through an Imperial officer. He was not facing doubt, he didn’t have these abilities that make all the big arch villains up to that point arch. He wasn’t inept so much like Piett, he wasn’t playing politics like the rest of the Imperial officers, he was purely a military strategist.

‘Hera’s Heroes’ will be the season’s fifth episode. Rebels S3 premieres with with ‘Steps into Shadow’ on Saturday, September 24 at 8:30 p.m. ET on Disney XD.

Humans with their emotions. And if you realized that the Force users would influence your minds. It’s actually hilarious.

BTW: Piett was not inept. I trained with him. Only human who saw me as an equal until I trained Pellaeon….

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