That orange pantaloons do not go with that arched shoulder look. Her head gear is that of a pilot. I’m in need on one. Seriously,  poor paint job on that astromech C110P droid. And a scout trooper at the 3 o’clock position. He walks like a Jedi. Ugh. Remind me to reassign those bucketheads for leaving their post. She smells rank. I wonder what the soup of the day is at the commissary. I hope it’s not that insect Grivvvk or whatever these Twi’lek call culinary delight. No wonder they’re starving. What is my commander driveling about. Can’t see an ancient artifact in her hand?

Vuhn. Tah cart ch’a ebeucot… Please. I must interrupt them. I can’t…wait she’s a Rebel. Oh this will be good… Really good.

[all thoughts occur within 2 seconds]

“Just a moment…”

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