Writing in the bubble. The @staff needs to FIX IT because people get away with harassing comments in the bubble that cannot responded to by a secondary blog…

So my only option left to me by #Tumblr is to block you because your comment is made two days before I do my performance on Saturday, September 24th as my RP performance characterization on another platform.

It’s a cruel comment…unnecessary and I have no idea who you really are because you’re random.

But first let’s review your comment made in the bubble that I cannot respond to as this secondary blog:

dark-kronis said: this
scene worries me they not do him justice it so out of character to
thrawn from the books, thrawn would have destroyed this guy without ever
raising his voice

1. You have ZERO idea what this scene TRULY is about. You’re talking 60 frames in this gif, I know, I made it, and you jump to an entire conclusion that it worries you in that they did not do Thrawn justice because it is out of character. In 60 frames you can decide an entire emotion to what EXACTLY happened? Are you on the Lucasfilm Story Group? If so, why are you here?

2. The Thrawn you discuss is from Heir to the Empire, NOT the Outbound Flight. And the Lucasfilm Story Group drew upon heavily on all that information including the vault that has deleted outlines that never got incorporated in the books… Here are the books bit.ly/ThrawnStore1

3. To say Chiss absolutely have zero emotions SIMILAR to humans is really hard to know since no human has really met an alien from another planet and has done a psychological work-up. So the imagination of the writers was used on a basic principle that has creative license and they chose what exactly Thrawn’s behavior is, but still tainted from a human perspective.

If your OPINION MUST BE HTTE, then perhaps you should not WATCH Star Wars Rebels because it will only disappoint you. Also, do not post here because we will be 100% Star Wars Rebels storyline and whatever Disney Lucasfilm says. You hate that?


An attack will warrant our block reasons.

Thank you very much.

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