Shutting down our Redbubble


Due to harassment, cyberbullying and mass reporting, we will no longer sale our products on Redbubble. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks to Ella from @chissexual, we had a good run at @Redbubble but they deleted our artwork repeatedly, not just these images and we cannot manage that incursion on our business.

T-shirts are $35.00 includes S & H in the US, with USPS priority with paypal.me/SWAG77/35. Please indicate sizing up to XXX.  Allow for 2-6 weeks.

All foreign sales  please inquire at swag77.com

We’ve tried other companies, but Teepublic does not like our work, and Cafepress gives us the same foolishness. It is unfair that a product remains on the shelf for 2 years, then the release of the show starts, and the company pulls the product. 

There are other ways, more local and better.

We are a small-time operation. We don’t make anything and we don’t have much. But what these people do to us is biased. Do not buy anything from redbubble.

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