My encounters with the Zabrak Nightbrother have been contentious. Curious emotion driven by the same cause celebre – Make the galaxy great again… Surely, there is more to like than getting the Emperor’s graces or Lord Vader’s death…  Who would rely on such mediocrity? I pity him and with one move, he can kill me. But it still won’t remove him from such carnal dredge ideas that turns him in a cyborg pain for now.

Fine. The Black lines on his skin is a tattoo of black ink on Dathomir to mark a Cardinal Zabrak who is powerful in the Force. The Nightsisters did it to yield control. His control is through abuse and brutality. His emotion is rooted in a singular notion of approval through power and control. All he has is rage that drives him. Therefore, he’s lethal. But the cardinal complexion, was ruby bright when he was born. Under a loving environment, he would have been a great businessman or statesmen. Unfortunately, the abuse is past that.  In the end, he is broken by the one person who will never love him and he fears him. 

True irony not to rely on oneself for these needs.

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