Ysalamiri were Force using creatures that create a neutralizing Force bubble where no Force User can exact the Force onto a non-Force sensitive. Grand Admiral THRAWN learned about these creatures that were arboreal and if removed they would die. But THRAWN discovered a way to remove the Ysalamiri from their trees and keep them alive to protect himself from Force Users.

There is no clear timeline when THRAWN made this discovery other than he did it. This short story is a mock documentary outlining how THRAWN did it.

Please read it and share your thoughts. The author created sock puppet Ysalamiri. Tell us what you think about these little guys. They’re cute aren’t they?

Short Story About Ysalamiri –  The “Pets” of THRAWN

by “Dr. BB”

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From @savetheysalamiri

Published by Star Wars Actors Guild 77

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