Sabine, upon hearing of Thrawn’s penchant for trying to analyze people through art, goes “analyze this!” and starts drawing dickbutts on things

…thanks @senator-organa now I want to see Thrawn Analyzing meme and being horrifically confused.

Like Picard with Dalmak, Angelad at tenagra. Shakka, when the walls fell.

Look, Thrawn has to do his best to keep up with What the Kids Are Up To, because far too many kids are joining those pesky Rebels, so he can often be found late at night staring intently at the holonet, doing his best to decipher what the hell people are up to tonight, and how could it have already changed so drastically from yesterday night in the time it took him to fight a battle, and is that really and unflattering portrait of him as a frog

(There’s an entire galactic knowyourmeme page that’s just “Thrawn.” He’s horrified at the lack of artistry involved.)

No but Thrawn makes no sense as a character if he’s not also up on the latest memes. Like classical art is all well and good, but what happens when he goes up against an enemy who just likes to spend their free time dicking around on the holonet?

All I’m saying is,Thrawn’s art collection is beautifully curated but his /b/ folder is vast

That is true, but how many memes must a galaxy have? Keeping up with The Memes must be a full time job, one I like to imagine Thrawn is endlessly frustrated by. (Does he have a meme intern? Someone who does nothing but surf the holonet all day to keep Thrawn abreast of the latest developments?)

(The one vaguely relevant quote I can think of is a discussion of street art where he says “Art? You think the defacement of buildings is art?” from a short story, although I think that bit was written by Michael A. Stackpole, and Thrawn was in disguise anyway, so I choose to ignore it because it’s just silly.)

THRAWN ABSOLUTELY HAS A MEMEOLOGIST ON STAFF and recieves regular briefings re: dankness

the happiest day of his life was the day palpatine died and he no longer had to justify this expense

So here’s my new OC, Thrawn’s memeologist. She’s a recent academy graduate, genius with computers, great at hacking, and almost got kicked out of the academy once for excessive memeing after she changed all the instructors’ datapad wallpapers to Pepe. Probably owns a doge tshirt. May or may not wear it underneath her Imperial uniform. She didn’t do so well in classes requiring physical activity, but she got a perfect grade in art history, which was enough to capture Thrawn’s attention.

Her hobby is being a galaxy-wide memelord who runs a very popular blog, and she helps seed new anti-Rebel memes as necessary

(She also may or may not have sort-of-accidentally ended up with a long distance holonet girlfriend who just so happens to be a Rebel. Not that she or her girlfriend are aware of what the other does. At least, not officially.)

I already have one. I would only trust a Chiss. His core name is Jaken.

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