For the character ASK: Grand. Admiral. Thrawn.


What my favourite thing about them is: Sadly, I have not read Heir to the Empire, and know very little about Thrawn. I have read through part of the Wookiepdia article on him, (before it was even announced he’d be in Rebels). With the characterization I’ve learned, I like his love of the arts. I can’t wait to see any interaction between him and Sabine. 

What my least favourite thing about them is: You’d think someone who appreciates art would not be into spreading Imperial drab throughout the galaxy. 

Who I ship them with: No one yet.

What song describes them: Can’t think of one right now.

What their best moment is: This is tough since I haven’t read or seem much of him. But I do like they way he speaks to Hera in the preview clip available for Hera’s Heroes.

Who/what they remind me of: I’d think he’d get along with Sun Tzu. 

What my nickname for them is: Blue Man Group of One

What I would do if I met them IRL: Discuss his favorite art movements and styles from across the galaxy. Ask if I could see his personal collection.

A headcanon I have for them: I think he knows how civil unrest sparks art. Art that speaks volumes. Art made with pure emotion, even if that emotion is anguish or anger. This is his favorite kind. He learns something about the artist. (Damn, I seriously should read the novels to know if this is true.)

You should ask those of us that really like Mitth’raw’nuruodo.

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