#StarWarsRebels Is A Stupid Series…

That’s what a “Star Wars Fan” told us about our campaign to #GetThrawnIn #StarWarsRebels. 

Well, these same people said the same thing about the Prequels.

The fact is, we see it as ONE STAR WARS. It’s a saga. Now it’s Anthologies. Who knows? Anything is possible.

Thing is creativity evolves and we have to roll with the times than cling to that we think we must have and need – things that just disintegrate into meaningless and nothingness.

For the committee, all of us were taught that if we don’t like something, do something about it. We have seen ideas come an go since the Disney changes. A lot of it aggressive negotiations style changes. Many people that were more Light Sided in their Jedi Code thinking and not Dark Sided like the Sith who invoke evolution.

Change can be good. But it has to be planned and thoughtful.

We think we are well positioned to influence that change and we are asking for help.

No one has to help us if they disagree, but please, learn about our project and give it a 2 week honest tryout before you decide to bash it. And please, if you can do one better than us, then by all means, we welcome it. But ripping stuff down is no longer working. It is naysaying and that’s not Star Wars fandom.

Because really, they said Star Wars was a dumb movie to Mr. George Lucas before May 25, 1977…

Now here we are in 2015

The “Chiss’d Up Leia” was one of the first images made in 2010.


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