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Thrawnbine77 Fanfic: Family Communities

Artwork by @panda-capuccino

Mitth’raw’nuruodo, a Galactic Empire Grand Admiral is an emotionally distant and coolly reflective of his leadership. His strategies and tactics succeed when he is devoid of emotion. His people, the Chiss Ascendancy taught him that. As a Grand Admiral in the Galactic Empire life bores him. Art gives hi creature-comfort joy. Until he met a young Rebel woman, a Mandalorian, an artist who excites him and give him room to breathe, creatively. He gets a fiery passion that ignites his desires and emotion. Thrawn was taught to believe that the Chiss Ascendancy excised those genes from the gene pool through eugenics. Turns out his desires for community are not genetic. They expand in the Force.

This is an adult fanfic.

A, uh…an adult fanfic. No tags because of the nature of the content.

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