How SWAG77 Sees The Chiss Ascendancy Planets – Worldbuilding


1. Csilla is warmed by methane, but is still a sub-zero degree Kelvin ice planet. Since methanogenesis causes blue skin color in humans (source), we suggest it is doing the same in Chiss with increase susceptibility genetically.

The red-in-red eye color is another issue because the total eyes is not a healthy state in humans and causes genetic instability with the exception of albinos who are melanin-deficient people. In animals, like albino laboratory rats, the entire eye and sclera are red from the blood vessels. It is possible that the Chiss eyes have transparent eye cellular walls devoid of melanin and their eyes are see as red-in-red.

2. In this fanfic, the Legends material is clear, Chiss had Killik insect issues. The Killiks would go to key planets to do what insects do. They were large tripartite insects that operate as a hive mind. In general, they can infect other species and have them do their bidding. The Killiks would infest the area and use all the resources, then move on. They have done it for 1000s of years.

3. We say that Thrawn has off-centered behavior and socialization similar to that of humans due to a Killik infection he received as a child.

4. Chiss live underground. Underground metropolises because they can process the oxygen in the air. Light was generated from the methanogenic chemical processing and refractive indexing that causes enough false sunlight sentient beings would need to survive. Most of these metropolises are near the poles of the planet. Vitamin D processing would be of issue. Chiss exposed to sunlight become darker in their complexion. But it is unfavored. The skin complexion does not fade over several generations and 1000s of years.

There was a group of Chiss, called the “Decadent Chiss” that savored the sunlight, tropical humid air and its warmth from a Csillan’s Blue-White sun (Yellow suns like Earth’s sun are more energetic than Blue White suns). Mitth’raw’nuruodo’s parents chose to reside near the equator where the sun shines more there. There are “spots” where groups of people could live without the poisonous methane gas. There were Csillan ocean bodies under the thick methane ice-caps that can be melted for oxygen at the equatorial surface. The ocean appears purple (a different alien type of “Chlorophyll” but does the same thing with a few electron dense cloud structures.)

The problem with the equator versus the poles, because of the warmth, the Killiks hive at the equator every 500-1000 years for the pollen/honey processing. They remove the pollen from the algae, plants and grasses and use it for their hives. Like locusts, they raze the entire area and it becomes vacant and barren where nothing can grow for decades. With Chiss there, the Killiks would respond violently. They would sting the Chiss and force them to harvest for the hive, then cause them to die once the Killiks left the planet. Once the Chiss learned the Killik’s joiner process, they decimated the Killiks to protect the people and forbade anyone to live near the equator.

5. Like all civilizations, and stories, it would be boring if entities, like the government, did not lie about what happened at the Csillan equator. The Decadent Chiss made friends with the Killiks in exchange for knowledge and culture. Something Killiks would never do, but somehow, the Decadent Chiss learned to do. Life was good for many years. Then the government learned of it and they destroyed it.

At the end, in this fanfic’s chapter: Mitth’raw’nuruodo and Mitth’ras’safis appear malnourished and sick. A well-meaning House Nuruodo member, Ar’alani agreed to take the two boys and saved them.

Decadent Chiss tended to act like an admixture of several different animals: lions, goats, dogs, and hydra serpents. One animal, different parts. Somewhat like a “chimera”.

Because of the moral xenophobia of the Chiss Ascendancy, the Polar Chiss believed that Decadent Chiss act as flower children beatniks organics vegans.

Some newer fans must know that there are different factions of Chiss and not all reside on different planets. The power of the Chiss Ascendancy is that they are xenophobic overall due to morality reasons. No Chiss thinks differently, except for one — Thrawn novel.

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