The Killiks

(An attempt to write an IN CHARACTER flash meta) KILLIKS, yes I know all about them. Where they come from exactly is unknown. They have swarm planets in The Unknown Regions. Some are in Chiss Space. It was well known they’d harvested the pollen every 1000 years +/- 500 years. One Chiss would not seeContinue reading “The Killiks”

Headcanon: Csillan Equator and Family

HEADCANON: As a toddler, I was born in a place like this on the planet, Csilla near the equatorial region, underground during the summer season. (Disclosure: This image is of the planet, Felucia. (source)) Fanfic section: The Decadent Chiss and Reminiscence and Memories Ras shakes his head as he angles to his mother, a beautiful CeruleanContinue reading “Headcanon: Csillan Equator and Family”

How SWAG77 Sees The Chiss Ascendancy Planets – Worldbuilding

Meta 1. Csilla is warmed by methane, but is still a sub-zero degree Kelvin ice planet. Since methanogenesis causes blue skin color in humans (source), we suggest it is doing the same in Chiss with increase susceptibility genetically. The red-in-red eye color is another issue because the total eyes is not a healthy state inContinue reading “How SWAG77 Sees The Chiss Ascendancy Planets – Worldbuilding”