I podcasted this on September 22, 2014 with my co-host of Geek Talk 01. This is what the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 does. Since, there is no universal fandom in Star Wars, I am doing my own thang on Tumblr.  I’m fine with that because I believe in my work and I am passionate about it.

Sure there is plenty room of improvement and I’m working toward those business goals. With all the projects in the pipeline, my ideas of positive Star Wars fandom process starts with social media brands, such as Tumblr.

The goal of SWAG 77 on Tumblr was to write, read fan fictions, get excited about Star Wars products, and pre-emptively perform some storylines. Ihe goal was to write and sort out our characters. Never thought anyone would read them. There has been a Star Wars Actors Guild 77 presence since 2010. Our writing intensity did not increase until 2012 and continued to present day. 

Perhaps @support by Tumblr was not meant to be. This latest harassment with tons of profanity slung between Star Wars fans is undesired. I can apologize for my actions, but I do not trust this platform with information I meant to share with the Star Wars fandom.

I feel that ways since 1977 since I saw Star Wars in the movie theater at 9 years old.


I am a member of the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 and these are our rules at outlined here.

We have story arcs that we have written over a year ago that the characters are following. You can fall in line with them, or not. If you choose not, you will not be RP performing with us. All RPs are on Twitter for our LIVE TWEET. You can try to compete if you want, but if you have a MUN vs muse problem because you lack a character sheet description and how you plan to play your muse, then my group will not deal with you.

All questions about how I RP that are OOC will NOT be answered in ASK and I will block. All questions MUST be answered on the SWAG77 website itself.

No one is FORCING you to RP our way. We have chosen the way we want to RP and this is our way. You are free to RP however you want, several people and groups do it here on Tumblr. We’ve been present on social media since 2009. When you are ready to seriously write, perform and create social media, then we might take you seriously. Then again, we are not recruiting anymore. You have to prove to us that you want this.

PS: Due to the cyberbullying and forced RP on any of our SWAG77 characters will be met with harsh social media repercussions that include a block.

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