I don’t go to other’s blogs IDK and bash the ship because I don’t like it.


Relationships and shipping is what Tumblr fandom does well. People love that. Blogs over-analyze it. People dream about it. People have fan art about it. People make dream boards about it and write fanfics.

That is how people want to expend their creativity, that is their choice.

This blog’s choice is to support: 

Grand Admiral Thrawn and Sabine Wren ship. 

You can hate it. Don’t care.

You can think it is shit. Don’t care.

You can think the admins are bitch asshats. Don’t care.

But you have no right to bring your hate and try to fuck us without paying for it: http://bit.ly/Thrawnbine77

Don’t hate the other ships, it’s great to see them. Just don’t bash this one we have every right to do what we do. 

And don’t use a disability as a crutch when you run off at the mouth. That will just get you blocked. We don’t fuck around with that. That’s just not cool. This is an adult page. If you attack us, we block. That’s all Tumblr give us. You can make everything and another blog to attack, but we will block. We’re good at it.

This blog is not about you. It is about Thrawnbine. You disagreeing with it like we have 50-eleventy followers is a bitch move on your part.

We do have a contingent of other blogs that will share what we have.

Unfollow my blog if you’re going to attack the above blog^^^. There is nothing you or I have to discuss. You are not a Star Wars fan. You have real life problems and you try to solve them on social media. Yes. I’m serious. 

You don’t have to like the ship, but you don’t get to bash it, here. I don’t bash your ships. That’s why there are 2 separate blogs. Respect the space. And if you cannot get over fictional characters and muses actions, then my blog is not for you.

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