Another Grand Admiral Thrawn Meta

Thrawn knows Kallus is the spy. He just wants him to admit it. How he will make Kallus admit it may be the second half of Season 3. Whatever it is, it may be what will get Thrawn exiled back to the Unknown Regions on the planet Nirauan. He pretty much set up to rebuild the Empire from afar as a back up plan by Emperor Palpatine. 

Kallus is only as high as Intelligence Security Bureau will allow him. Therefore, Kallus is he plays stupid and tattletales on Thrawn to his higher ups, it will kill him. Because this is how it works:

Emperor Palpatine > Darth Vader > Grand Moff Tarkin > a few others > secretively Grand Admiral Thrawn > to way down the line in 20 people > Agent Kallus. 

Whatever Kallus thinks he has on Thrawn, he needs to re-think that or completely defect. Don’t think he will defect. 

How did an Imperial find out about the “Fulcrum” program?

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Other images from West End Books, 1996

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