Is anyone else really disappointed with how Thrawn has been used on Rebels so far? We’re halfway through the season and he hasn’t really done anything yet. He seems content to just let he rebels run rings around his incompetent underlings while he just stares at his paintings. Come on, guys, you’ve got Thrawn. Use him!  

First you all don’t want me around, and then you curse me out for trying to return to full canon, now that I’m here you don’t like how I’m doing it? Your impatience is why you fail at your fandom and it is your impudence. I can’t tell you to wait because if you did LOVE the fact I am around given the success of Rogue One Movie and Lucasfilm having to market that first than to devote to how destructive I can be, then perhaps my presence is NOT JUST ABOUT THE REBELS…but it is also about a threat near the Unknown Regions that will be dealt with Episode VIII.


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