In 2015, we asked Chisssexual to draw and color Thrawn images for T-shirts for #GetThrawnIn.  We had to request to add a little more to the “body” imagery for Thrawn as a fight back we were seeing done to all the women characters. No one knew about Kanan, Ezra (too young), Grand Inquisitor (who knows too wierd), Kallus (fans were “into” Kallus at all – shrugs) and others. Call this payback.

for nearly 2 years we had our T-shirts up at Redbubble for sale. In September, 2016, they removed these images.

Should you want a T-shirt, let us know and we will upload them to our new site.

If the artist chooses to reply, we will give the credit, fully. But we honor and respect the artist’s privacy.

One last thing, in conversations, we pushed for more male body image support than the usual we see compared to the women’s body images often enhanced. We did it with Sexy Star Wars Men and @sexygeekmen. Turn about is fair play.

What may have changed their minds, and this is speculation, but Disney who has the marketing power to promote that kind of epistemology with the success of The Force Awakens and Kylo Ren in Adam Driver. Handsome male body images sell more…

Help us out: http://bit.ly/sexygeekmen

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