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Alone on his ship, the Imperial Star Destroyer Chimera, his surname’s emblem, never be known to the Chiss Ascendancy stoic in its design in durasteel ventral hull, if they knew, they would execute him immediately for endorsing terrorist beliefs. The “Decadent Chiss” were eradicated on Csilla per their call to action. His mind rang. “Untrue.” His brother, Mitth’ras’safis and him survived the KALI droid eugenic genocide committed at the Csillian equator by the Chiss Ascendancy.

The horrible sights of that time explode in his mind. Tears well in his eyes as profound sadness overwhelms his core being. He grabs a chair as he swoons from his grief and quickly regains his stature. Alone. In his officer’s chambers. As he orders his subordinates to not disturb his private time. A pleasurable entitlement demand that the humans willingly gave to him. Chiss were never left alone to brood in their thoughts. Chiss Ruling Family Nuruodo teaching ingrained in him as individualism is isolationism. One’s “space” as the humans called it, is not isolationism, it is to collect one’s thoughts to form a new idea. To evolve. Evolution into something new.

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