Thrawn’s future?


Originally, I was expecting Thrawn to die in a future season of the SWR.

However, after “Warhead”, I think he’ll live.

But probably not as a Grand Admiral anymore.

I mean, look: We know Hera and Chopper survived. And so did The Ghost. Which means that Thrawn’s desire to see the Phoenix Squadron “utterly defeated” never came to fruition.

In addition, he had been consuming Imperial Resources like a gambler doubling down on every losses.

With the majority of Imperial Supply being diverted to build Death Star Mk. I and Death Star Mk. II, every loss of a Capital Ship == a significant punch to Imperial Navy strength.

So, Thrawn will ultimately be outstrategized, with a loss so big that even the Emperor cannot defend his position.

Thrawn will likely be stripped of his Grand Admiral position, and given a desk job at Coruscant. And for someone with a strategizing mind like Thrawn, that’s a position he would surely hate.

He would probably tender his resignation, then after the Empire fell, joined either one of the rising mercenary factions… or somehow managed to get in contact with the First Order and became one of their off-planet strategists.

This is why we call you CASUALS. 

Read “Heir to the Empire”

If the Emperor wants me gone, he’d kill me. There is a reason why the Rebel fleet will be crippled and they were desperate to get the Death Star plans…

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