Thrawn is not a “Domme” unless HE is hiding girl parts under that spiffy uniform. Domme is a female Dominant. A male Dominant is called a Dom. If you’re going to post about Thrawn being kinky then please educate yourself about REAL kink, not that Fifty Shades nonsense that’s no more realistic or safe than hentai porn.

Oh no. Did you just snark on my blog with your foolishness?

A 3 AM misspelling. Apologies. Not perfect when pulling alnighters about subjects of cyberbullying with less than an hour of sleep. 

But let’s be clear, you entered by blog without reading and that causes me to publish your anonymous information and make it public. 

Those are the rules.

You need to block my blog and I will not hear of your insolence again lazy ass.

You all in Northern California, United States,  with IP addresses:, and  need to calm down on how this is just a fictional character representation, performance and portrayal. 

If I was your Dominant, you would have reverence with ever word that comes out your mouth. Do it again and see what happens…

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