Grand Admiral, that is quite the dilemma you pose. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve so that part of me says loved because to be loved by someone whom is your true love is also to be respected and have that loyalty.  However, one could argue that respect comes first before all else. My father always taught me that every being deserves that basic level of respect and weither or not it goes higher or lower depends on their interactions with said being and yourself. That goes for you also. Their respect for you depends on how you interact and treat them. How far does respect take you though? How far will love get you? In the military when a leader emerges that has a a crew so willing to follow and obey they would die for him if necessary……is that respect or is that admiration, which could be seen as form of platonic love? This could go on for days my dear Grand Admiral Thrawn. I do hope what I have presented you peaks your interest into further analysis perhaps?

They signed an agreement and swore an oath to be in the military. Duty is what calls them. Motivation is driven by the discipline of the officers. It is what separates the adults from the children and do what is required though a chain of command. Love is an ancillary benefit.

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