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Thrawn’s scenes with Hera in Star Wars: Rebels are way better than any of his scenes in Heir to the Empire. I was underwhelmed by book Thrawn. He’s too clinical: he’s always logical, always cool and collected, always has a master plan, and is always right. It’s boring, and it’s annoying when most of his scenes involve an underling going, “Wow, you’re so smart, how did you do it Holmes”

The Thrawn in Rebels is a much more interesting villain. Putting him against Hera provides a fascinating dynamic. They’re both aliens who serve as high-ranking military officials for human-dominated governments, and they’re intensely devoted to opposite sides of the conflict. Thrawn says he studies the art of war, but she’s been forged in it. Does that make her a work of art in his eyes? I love how Thrawn respects Hera and seems genuinely interested in her culture. As adversaries, they have a lot of common traits that it would be cool to explore.

To me, a villain’s most scary once we know what makes them snap. In Rebels, art becomes Thrawn’s weakness as well as his strength. One of his own soldiers suggests art is stupid, and Thrawn–who was nothing but polite to a dangerous enemy–snarls at him and pulls him up by the collar. This Thrawn is violently devoted to his philosophy. He’s not a boring military strategy machine–he’s a character with passionate interests and emotions, even if he keeps them under control most of the time.

Further exploration into the show or the books could change my opinion, but as it stands, the children’s show provides a villain I find more interesting than the one from the 400-page science fiction novel.

It’s not controversial at all. Call it Chiss meds that are wearing off and because I’m near human, meaning I don’t have lekkus or head tails, I am acceptable to Human Imperial sight. It’s as you say, the “pachyderm” in the room to be polite and not discuss speciesism…

At the end of this season, the fullness of my plan will come into fruition. Also view me like an oil painting Impressionist to Surreal styles or like “Jackson Pollack”, I’m not pre-Raphaelite. The colors blur. That means my retcon blurs for updates. I’m not strictly one versus the other, and then I’m all of them. An existential mix.

Emotions are so vuhn 😉

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