Rogue Robin

Calling all Grand Admiral Thrawn fans! Join us for our next challenge. A Round Robin – with a twist! #RogueRobin

There’s going to have three phases. Phase One kicks off. Phase Two will expand on submissions from Phase One, and Phase Three on submissions from both previous phases.

After each phase we’ll reveal the submissions and you pick the one(s) you wish to work on.

Apart from a few rules in Phase One, there are no restrictions on media or any min/max requirements. Everyone’s welcome in whichever capacity they wish!

The reveals will coincide with the 40th anniversary for the release of A New Hope.


February 1 – March 11: Phase One

March 4: Check In

March 13 – April 15: Phase Two

April 8: Check In

April 17 – May 20: Phase Three

May 13: Check In

May 22-29: Reveals!

Interested? More info here! Sign Ups are open now!

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