Thrawn is sexy (TMI Funny)

1.     What is something you have always wanted to try sexually? —- Don’t know until I try it.

2.     What is something you have never done in bed before? —- Have them wake up next morning before their walk of shame leaving my quarters.

3.     What time of day do you like to have sex? —- I’m in space most of the time, so…

4.     What do you absolutely need to see to turn you on? —- Let’s just say I enjoy creating scenarios at which my pleasure comes at the expense of the other person’s compliance. 

5.     How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander? —- Let’s test that theory, shall we?

6.     If someone was in the next room would it make you nervous or excited? — Depends, is this a pan-polyamorous deal? I am not really into those.

7.     Have you ever faked an orgasm? —- Why?

8.     What Part of your body are you self-conscious about? —- I have a healthy image of my body.

9.     Do you have any sexual regrets? —- I truly dislike bores that waste my time.

10.   How Important is sex in your life? —- If I am on R&R, sex is very important. If I am working, it is not.

11.   Do you like biting and scratching? —- Odaxelignia

12.   How do you feel about leaving marks? —- -chuckles-

13.   Do you believe in make-up sex? —- Refresh my memory as to what that is? If it is unimportant, I do not remember. No. Actually, I do not care.

14.   Have you ever had a one night stand? —- Put it like this, if I have to call my security detail to remove you from my premises, then you are a one night stand.

15.   Have you ever rebounded and known you were doing so? —- I don’t rebound. No need.

16.   Who did you lose your virginity to? —- Not a droid like half these Imperials. To a vuhn? I mean human…let’s see? -wide grin-

17.   When and where did you lose your virginity? —- TBH

Prefsbelt IV for humans. Chiss, well, I was very young. 7 years old in human age.

18.   Would you go down on your bf/gf under a restaurant table? —- Where are we? Jabbas? IDK? That kind of kink is something I’d make my date/S/O do.

19.   Where would you have sex in public? —- I like my privacy.

20.   Would you ever have sex while at work? —- No

21.   Would you have sex in the rain? —- -chuckles-

22.   What movie makes you horny? —- Is that a holodrama? Holodramas do not make me horny.

23.   What do you like Trimed, Shaved or natural? —- Oh? Like the Zeltron Courtesans do? Let’s see…full depilation. It is cleaner that way. More, Chiss.

24.   Would you have sex in a dressing room? —- You mean the closet? Or you mean in the holding cells for interrogation. I’ve never tried that, but…

25.   Do you like your partner to be loud during sex? —- Depends. Most Vuhn scream when I fuck them. That’s because of the hooding and it is an new sensation. I try not to do it too much. Takes a lot of control.

26.   What words do you like to hear during sex? —- I am concentrating on giving them pleasure. I want to know if they consent or decline to what I give to them. When I hear either choice, I either change my tactics or I stop, completely. Consent is the appropriate act to do. Safe, sane and consensual.

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