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Some would say my gamemaster level is wizard. Perhaps. But it is about being prepared. Then, there is always my Chiss genetics – Chiss are fully grown adults at 10 years of human age, even though Chiss longevity is similar to that of humans. Which means our “mature adult” life experiences are longer than humans. If most of the Legends story before Heir to the Empire are loosely kept, it means that my coping skills and intelligence was that of a 40 year old human by the time I was captured by Parck.

House Nuruodo trained me and I attained Commander level when I was first exposed to the larger galaxy. (Thrawn would never say he was exiled, which he was and that’s the worse thing you can do to a Chiss). If you know about the Chiss Ascendancy and the military training, we are taught combat at human age 2 years old.

Therefore special favors are unnecessary. Hateful adversaries slough away due to my life experiences.


When you see young people doing things you’ve already experienced, what do you do? Encounter it, again? Probably, not. You probably avoid it. One thing for sure, I have no interest in popularity contests. I’m cordial and respectful, but revenge wastes time and resources.


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