-hand on chin- I do not understand how these Rebels get so angry when we Imperials say they put crosshairs on the Emperor, when their prized Jedi try to snipe the Emperor during the Clone Wars? It is truly disingenuous and appalling. I’m just saying.

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Please don’t be stupid in finding hate when there is just only a remark build on what a goddamn Imperial Grand Admiral would craftily say as a member of the Galactic Empire. That is NOT helping to be IN CHARACTER for this blog. If you are not smart enough to figure out that the Empire would fuck with material and make alternative facts and events for it, then you probably think all of Star Wars is real and you have more issues than this blog is willing to handle. Please block us. Because the ONLY purpose to this post is to see the hypocrisy in what people say on social media and what their entertainment consumption is. It’s okay to show in a movie, but not in real life? Art is a reflection of real life…is it not? Do not RP if you fail to understand MUN vs MUSE differences.

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