Headcanon: Csillan Equator and Family

HEADCANON: As a toddler, I was born in a place like this on the planet, Csilla near the equatorial region, underground during the summer season.

(Disclosure: This image is of the planet, Felucia. (source))

Fanfic section: The Decadent Chiss and Reminiscence and Memories

Ras shakes his head as he angles to his mother, a beautiful Cerulean skinned woman with a short blue-black hair with small braided purple silk sections on the sides, and a head band that pulls the strays from her face. Raw’s and Ras’s father, a strong dark Cerulean skin and a strong jaw lifts Raw off the tail of he Killik as his red-in-red eyes glisten while Raw is coddled “Now, Mitth’raw, you know better. Amt is only here to harvest the purple pollen for her hive, and then the Killiks and she leaves. She can’t play with you all day.”

A hologram appears from a planetwide transmission from the huge grid-locked underground metropolis, Capsla.

“The Ascendancy has interpreted the threat to come from the Killik hive that threatens our species. The Killiks have shifted the position of our sun away from Csilla. There will be further expansion methane sheet ice into an ice-age climate, including the equatorial regions. We give all Decadent Chiss, twenty-four hours to evacuate before we will start our Operation Chiss Ascendancy Security. Any Chiss who harbors terrorists, or appears to be a Joiner, will be quarantined and under Chiss biological security protocols.”

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