{{In the  “Fulcrum Trap” preview, did anyone else notice ‘Killik Twilight’ is in Thrawn’s office?}}

holy shit


A fanfic was written it is a WIP.

The two boys run up and down the purple grassy knoll hills until their comlinks chirp. They stare at each other and nod to return to the caves. They find their parents speaking to a large tripartite insect in regal attire. Raw races to hug the thoracic tail of the insect, a member of the Killik species, who playfully swings around Raw as he squeals holding on for dear life. He squeaks about. “Come brother, ride it, too! She can hold us both.”

Ras shakes his head as he angles to his mother, a beautiful Cerulean skinned woman with a short blue-black hair with small braided purple silk sections on the sides, and a head band that pulls the strays back. Raw’s and Ras’s father, a strong dark Cerulean skin and a strong jaw lifts Raw off the tail as his red-in-red eyes glisten to coddle Raw. “Now, Mitth’raw, you know better. Amt is only here to harvest the purple pollen for her hive, and then she and the Killiks leave. She can’t play with you all day.”

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