Question for rebels/old canon fans:


Does Thrawn actually MAKE any art or just fart around and Criticize everything?  And if so, what’s his chosen media? He seems like an Oil or Bronze douche-bag*, you know, the media purist who talks about appreciation of ‘primitive’ media but is really just doing an advanced version of cultural appropriation?

(* just because someone works in oil or Bronze doesn’t make them a douche, but those media attract a lot of douches.  That, and typography.)

I’m a patron of the arts. My headcanons are: Chiss see in other wavelengths than humans, like infrared and UV, which picks up tertiary colors and further line gradients. I have synesthesia where I interpret sound from color and fonts. I was taught to suppress my ability, but I could not. It is overwhelming. I know color theory, perspective and chiaroscuro. I prefer art from Artemisia Gentileschi (sp?) and surrealism. I also enjoy Jackson Pollock.

This information was presented to Lucasfilm for Get Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels in 2015. To make our case to re-canonizing me, we plainly asked them if they support art? Lucasfilm has art history and art professionals. Disney has some of the best trained artists in the world and they have a collection in a dining room nearby Haunted Mansion and POTC rides. Some of their artists were trained by Dali and Monet. Fantasia is an example of that. Dave Filoni has an art history degree. George Lucas likes Gustav Klimt.

My art collection is: http://getthrawnin.tumblr.com/tagged/artfulthrawn

No. Many cultures burn or destroy their art. I’m salvaging it for future generations.


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