Leans back with crossed arms to watch hologram. Examines its parameters in lighting, language usage and color differentiation in 3 dimensions. Thrawn knows the individuals in the hologram and he knows of this “Darksaber lightsaber” and shrugs from its display by the Jedi. He knows the history of who had it last, a Maul, suspected to be dead somewhere on the Outer Rim. But after the mythology of the Darksaber spoken eloquently by Fenn Rau, Thrawn allows the words to dissolve in his mind to understand the truth of Rau’s words. He deductively asks what resonates in his mind from the Mandalorian myth. ”Is this ‘Tarre Vizsla’ really dead?”

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oQgFKYbo3w)

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