I must say that I love how much Timothy Zahn adapts to the times.

In his early Star Wars works, everything was built like a contemporary blockbuster–scheming and shadowy villains, outlaws and renegades, and occasionally there would be a woman who was usually a sexy spy or assassin. Sometimes one or two other women would be involved, usually sisters.

Now? He’s still got a lot of the old styles, but his villains are more nebulous and unknown, there are more aliens and plenty of tie-ins to canon, and there are so many women: governors, instructors, officers, mothers, officials, and more. Thrawn’s new Watson is a bilingual interpreter, and Thrawn himself is presented as an immigrant.

Timothy Zahn has always been one of the great writers of Star Wars, and it’s great to see that he hasn’t lost a step–in fact, he’s gained new ones.


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