After reading Thrawn, I kept trying to imagine how he would look with sunglasses so I sat dawn and drew it

Then his face ended looking like a model and then I decided to give him a leather jacket soooo yeah

(I really liked his face so no sunglasses on his face properly ;p)

So you have model Thrawn on some fashion street level on Coruscant,probably shopping

Poor Eli must be somewhere around just shaking his head at Thrawn

I’m kinda surprised there’s not much content Thrawn in casual clothes or actual model Thrawn au,seriously tho,he’s perfect for high fashion modeling

This is what happens when I watch The Devil’s Wear Prada while doing a drawing

Eli is next in my list to do,followed by Pryce after a workout 😎,probably in the dojo taking her workout shirt and Maul…just a shirtless Maul ‘cuz I wanna do those tattoos 😈

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