The best quotes from drunken Thrawn, written by Eli Vanto


“You look perfect in that new helmet, Anakin.” (who’s Anakin?)

“I’m going to clone myself just in case I die before I finish my work.”

“Can I call you Rukh? That’s a nice name. Rukh.” (do that and I’ll stab you. Just joking)

“These creatures you see on our backs are called ysalamiri. They’re sessile, tree-dwelling creatures from a distant, third-rate planet, and they have an interesting and possibly unique ability – they push back the Force. A single ysalamiri can occasionally create a bubble as large as ten meters across; a whole group of them reinforcing one another can create much larger ones.“ 

“Jedi Devilry. No Jedi? No Jedi Devilry then”

“Tarkin’s Death Balls”

“Little burnt? This food looks like Batonn.” (about Governor Pryce’s cookery)

“How many hands does the Emperor have?”

“Define drunk”


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