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Our thoughts? Minor Spoilers (maybe major you decide)

It starts much like the Mist Encounter the novella in Outbound Flight written years ago. Some character’s names have changed but it’s nearly a similar story. More munitions. 

Lots of unexpected plot twists in our opinion. Just when I thought they’d take down Thrawn with a court-martial something else happened.

Thrawn seems cool and relaxed for most of this trip, except in the presence of the Emperor, in my opinion. Something unnerves this Chiss against a Sith Lord. Thrawn cannot place it but is direct with him that does not frustrate the Emperor. 

In his first missions, he is calm but not cruel. In another mission, he gets cruel, a similar cruelty he has when we see him in the later Legends novels. 

Thrawn knows the difference between politics and military strategy and tactics. When others accuse him of not knowing that difference, it’s an irony when you have read the Legends novels.

Yes, they retconned the story of Thrawn. Unsure how many more changes they will make in media, such as the television show.

Key remaining questions. THRAWN DEMOTION? No indication of that. Thrawn knows too much information that Emperor needs to know. He was critical of the Death Star. While Thrawn speaks to Tarkin civilly, there would be disagreements. There will also be anti-alien sentiments that will ouster Thrawn or return him back to Chiss space. 

Will we see this in Season 4 Star Wars Rebels, maybe? Who knows?

We do not think Thrawn will die at the end of Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels, atm. Our ideas are based on the latest novel and the TV show. Something will happen to Thrawn. What do you think?

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