Rebels Thrawn Vs. Novel Thrawn


I don’t know about you guys, but i kinda have the impression that the two versions of Thrawn are so very different?
After finishing the book recently ( which was amazing btw) Thrawn in Rebels seems  so much more malicious than the book version?
I mean, sure, in the show he’s still calm, logical etc. but also much more  gleefully evil and also much more invested in taking down the rebels.  I’m thinking here of scenes like him wanting to “pull apart the rebels piece by piece” or blowing up the plant worker with the speeder bike.
In the novel he strikes me as waay more neutral. Thrawn just did his job and even tried  to avoid as many casualties as possible. He also seemed to clueless to display any level of pettiness like in Rebels against some simple plant guy. That seems a bit off in retrospective to be honest :’D
I don’t know if i just missed some of the subtleties since i’ve been reading it in english which by far isn’t my first language or i misinterpreted some things.
What do you guys think?

(Sorry if my grammar isn’t the best. i tried but  as i said, english isn’t my first language nor do i live in an english-speaking country ^^’)

Sometimes novels to television shows can vary.

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