OOC: Let’s just say 80-90% I’m in character roleplaying on this blog. The canon of my responses maybe inaccurate because I am choosing to play my MUSE from what I have developed my character to be based on my interpretation of my reading and my watching the shows. That is how RP is.

While you may dislike my responses and answers to your scenarios, my responses are NOT about educating you about Thrawn, Chiss or Star Wars. You can come to your own conclusions with your own study about that. I only respond to how I set up and play my muse based on my extrapolations and metas from the books. RP is about telling a story.

I only tell stories with people I know because that is how I want to do it. That means you need to get to know me as a character, first. Then if you want to get to know me further, you have to be a part of Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Not all posts are about RP. A lot of them are reblogs. Every now and then, I advertise. Some are shitposts. That is what I choose to do in my account. 

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