About Thrawn’s eyes:


In the book they glow red. In Rebels, for whatever reason they don’t glow, and that’s a little disappointing to me, but whatever. What gets me is the thick red eyeliner he has on underneath?? That wasn’t in the book. That wasn’t even on the book’s cover. It’s literally just in Rebels, which implies it’s makeup, not his body. 

Who told him an 80s trend would look good on him? Did he go to Sephora, or Ulta? Who helped him pick out a liner to match his eyes? Was it Eli? It was Eli, wasn’t it. 

Toward the very end do my eyes glow. https://youtu.be/X8TAlGoh1GA

As far as the underliner, there’s a slight allergy I have with the respiration systems aboard the ships. I haven’t as yet determine the nature of my allergy. But the underliner works. A Chiss concoction we use. Never noticed it appeared red to humans.

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