Who????? Is grand admiral thrawn????? And why does he have blue skin??????????


WELL….Grand Admiral Thrawn is only the best handsome squidward looking imperial in new and old star wars canon. He owns multiple space lizards that prevent force users from you know..using the force, he’s extremely intelligent, he’s a general badass, he has blue skin and his eyes are red cause he’s a Chiss (*insert Krennic’s oh it’s beautiful here*), HES THE HIGHEST RANKING NON HUMAN IN THE EMPIRE AND HIS RANK AS GRADN ADMIRAL MADE HIM ON OF THE HIGHEST RANKING IMPERIALS IN GENERAL he was the only Grand Admiral, OUT OF 12 IN TOTAL, who survived Endor (cause Palpy put him in charge of exploring the unknown region)

oh and he’s also the only imperial who can properly pull of this helmet (sorry Wilhuff)

You’ll know when I blast you with my fleet…

Tell them who I am.

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