I was wondering if I could ask you a quick question, just because I need opinions and I love your blog very much. I’m thinking about cosplaying as Pryce. Basically is it a good idea? I know a lot of people dislike her but I don’t.

As an RP blog, I wouldn’t know anything about cosplay, although I’ve seen several “Arihnda Pryce” cosplays. There were not too difficult to organize and very well done. Why not?

And people who say they dislike the character are just saying that based on the story told. They are not looking at the essential need for the character to tell a story of a small planet with resources the Empire needs. Always keep the bigger picture and Arihnda’s story can always be expanded to answer questions. Like, what was she doing during Rogue One?

So it is a good idea if you think it is. Stay strong and be creative with it.

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