(If you still like them as a pair) – how about Thrawn x Pryce for the asks?



I still LOVE them as a pair, despite the shady doings of Pryce in a certain novel.  They’re still one of my favourite ships <3


They’re a sexy power couple no matter what.

Who asks the other on dates: 

Thrawn doesn’t know what dates are.  To begin with.  He asks Eli what they are, and Eli describes them to him.  However Pryce beat him to it by surprising him with a visit to an art gallery.  Thrawn then understand the point of dates more and asks Pryce on one.  They only ever go to things relevant to each other’s interests.  A night in a club won’t do.

Who is the bigger cuddler:

Neither of them really are cuddlers.  However, in the privacy of each other’s quater’s they do one and off, Pryce normally leaning against Thrawn, or Thrawn resting his head in Pryce’s lap so she’s able to stroke his hair and soothe him after a long day.

Who initiates holding hands more often:

They don’t hold hands for very long.  It’s a quick touch and then it’s gone.  Thrawn does it more.  Mostly because he doesn’t fully grasp the concept of physical interaction in terms of hand holding.  He touches Pryce’s hand in moments of support or comfort.

Who remembers anniversaries:

Both of them are sharp at this but due to Thrawn’s impeccable memory, he’ll remind her constantly, months in advance.

“Do you know it’s our anniversary in exactly six months?”
“…  how could I forgot?”

Who is more possessive:

Pryce.  By far, Pryce.  There is no denying Thrawn is attractive, and I headcanon him as a bit of a player.  Pryce is very possessive over him, makes a point to stand by him whenever she can, especially when overs moon over him.

Who gets more jealous:

Relating this to the above, again, it’s Pryce.  She hates it when someone looks at Thrawn for too long, or talks to him for just a bit too long, and whenever someone gets to work with him, and be in his presence for more than she does.  She gives everyone evils, whenever they’re around Thrawn.  He of course notices and picks up on her jealousy.  It doesn’t help that she competes for attention and acts bitchy.  Thrawn tells her to beware the green eyed monster.

Who is more protective:

Thrawn has an instinct to protect Pryce due to the slight age gap and the fact he ranks above her.  Pryce, although she cares for Thrawn, is still mainly out for her own concerns.  Thrawn respects others despite his power of command and would look for Pryce if she was hurt.

Who is more likely to cheat:

Thrawn.  Like I said I headcanon him as a player.  I don’t think he’s too much into commitment unless he finds the right person.  Is Pryce the right person?  Guess we’ll have to see…

Who initiates sexy times the most:

It depends.  Both of them do it an equal amount, I think.  Thrawn keenly seduces Pryce as she works when he wants attention and he’s very dominant.  However sometimes he wanders into his quarters to see Pryce waiting for him.

Who dislikes PDA the most:

Both of them aren’t keen.  Plus they tend to keep their relationship a secret.  They don’t like to be seen exchanging affection.

Who kills the spider:

Thrawn probably keeps them as food for his beloved Ysalamiri, Admiral Nibbles.  Pryce gets her blaster out and will not stop until it’s dead.

Who asks the the other to marry them:

The legalities of marriage bore them.  They are both indivdual with their own set of achievements and are confident enough both with themselves and in each other too not need marriage.

Who buys the other flowers or gifts:

Thrawn tends to bring Pryce various bits of art and God-knows-what from his many travels and adventures.  Pryce is confused but flattered.

Who would bring up possibly having kids:

Nor Thrawn or Pryce want to accommodate a child.

Who is more nervous to meet the parents:

Pryce – she isn’t just meeting Thrawn’s parents.  She’s meeting his whole species.  His siblings, if he has any.  His friends, his acquaintances, and perhaps enemies?  Needless to say everyone accepts Pryce and is keen to learn about her culture.

Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry:

Thrawn isn’t outward with emotion in general so he is more passive.  Pryce throws him out of the bed and forbids him from coming back until he apologises, even if it was her fault.

Who tries to make up first after arguments:

Relating to the above, it’s always Thrawn.  Even when Pryce is at fault she does not relent and Thrawn apologises to keep the peace.

Who tells the other they love them more often:

They don’t say it much but Pryce says it slightly more.  Both are very selective when they do and don’t say it too each other.

“What Jedi Devilry is this?”

“The Rebel Spider”


She did wreck my fleet.

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