Thrawn, Art and Planet Earth


Imagine: if the Earth is discovered and the Galactic Empire wants the Earth to be part it, a couple of high ranking imperial officers and important imperial personalities would be sent to earth to negotiate with the leaders of earth (president and people like that). Because Thrawn, now grand admiral, is one of the most important persons in the imperial navy, he is sent with them. Eli, of course, stays as his aide by his side. And because he is not human, the other imperials tell him he should better stay hidden in the background because “your freaking glowing eyes are going to scare the humans so much” and “your blue skin is going to make them feel really uncomfortable” and Thrawn again faces xenophobia.

But he and Eli are allowed to watch the negotiations from a distance. Then, Eli has an idea: during a break he goes straight to the president the imperials are negotiating with and asks him/her about the most important art museums on Earth and how and where to visit them. So said president supplies Eli with a list of the asked things.

And because Thrawn is not needed during the negotiations he and Eli start to visit art museums on earth.

(They also hire a makeup artist makes Thrawn look like a human, (The artist just applys so much Make-up Thrawn looks like he has normal human skin tone). He still has to wear sunglasses.)

And Thrawn is completely enchanted. Going through the halls of the Louvre, the Museum of Modern art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery, the Vatican Museums, the State Hermitage Museum, the Reina Sofia, the Pergamon Museum and so many others, he studies every piece of art he sees carefully.
And Eli is always like “Sir, we need to hurry, we’ve been here for almost seven hours and the museum is closing soon”

(And for sure, Earth is doomed if we ever decide to turn against the Empire because Thrawn has seen our art)

(That is just one of my silly headcanons about Thrawn being happy and surrounded by art and not facing xenophobia or his jedi frighten and not dead)

I have already seen Irth’s art. http://getthrawnin.tumblr.com/tagged/artfulthrawn



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