Thrawn Fandom Event


Attention Thrawn fandom!

@kationi and I (and anyone else who wants to jump in and help) are taking it upon ourselves to organize an online event for the Thrawn fandom. Because honestly, who deserves it more?

At the moment, we’re in the preliminary phases. This post is serving the dual purpose of acting as an announcement, as well as a sort of probe to figure out how much interest there would be for something like this.

So with that in mind, we’d also love your input!

What type of event would you most like to see held? The most prevalent ideas right now are a big bang or an appreciation week (if you’re not sure what a big bang is, just google “fandom big bang”, you’ll find plenty of info on it). But we’re open to other suggestions as well.

What time frame would work for most people? We already have one vote for at least a month from now, and that’s probably the absolute earliest we would go. We’ll try to be as accommodating as we can for anyone who wants to participate.

Content wise, I don’t believe there will be too many restrictions. Any and all pairings (or no pairings at all) are welcome, so long as the fic or artwork in question centers on Thrawn. We’ll figure out the rest of the rules once we get going a little more.

And I think that’s it for now! 

Do us a favor and tag any responses, reblogs, or related posts with #thrawn fandom event 2017 so we can find it easily. That’s the best way I can think of to try to centralize everyone’s input. I think @kationi also said something about a Google Doc for sign ups, but that will be coming later.

Let’s make this happen!

We can contribute in any way as long as art is involved. @lightrain-09 @kationi

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