I understand that
people are upset about the implications that Thrawn will betray the Empire, but
after reading the Novel it makes so much since considering that the Empire is
starting to favor the Death Star over his TIE fighters.

Thrawn’s mission is
the cripple the Empire if they pose a threat to the Chiss, and the Death Star
does. Thrawn does have loyalty in the Empire, but he is more loyal to his
people, that is why he’s in the Empire in the first place. As cruel as it is to
betray the Empire (which I don’t think it’s cruel, at all), Thrawn Is loyal to
the Chiss and his people before all else.

So betraying the
Empire and crippling it regardless of the people on it is plausible, especially
since it poses a threat to his people.

At the same time, it’s…the
Empire. They’re not good people. they’re evil.

Not only will Thrawn
lay down the tracks to save Csilla, but if he’ll pave way for the Rebels to
save so many more people.

And this comes to my
outlandish conclusion that Thrawn will be found out by the Empire, and while he
won’t die, he’ll be defeated. And possibly Force choked Vader.

That, or the Rebels
will defeat Thrawn (which he’ll allow them to do). And somehow he’ll get choked
by Ezra (as others have said, he may partake in the death of Kanan).

Personally, I like
this. because it plays on Thrawn’s grey morality, and anti-heroness, which I find
Rebels to have been cart willing around for God knows how long. If they make
Thrawn betray the Empire for his own people, I think it will fit in closely
with his character.

And plus, Thrawn
doesn’t die/lose with the Empire.

 And it’s not like Thrawn would betray the Empire with the intention of people actually
dying. He doesn’t intent for people to die, that’s not his plan, it’s the
Rebels plan to destroy it. If anything, Thrawn would think the Rebels would
defeat the Empire, without destroying the Death Star. But if that happens, oh

There is something wrong with my people, the Chiss. How long we have is unknown at this time…


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